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Eco Animal Bedding

Composting is quick and its simple!

Don't throw the used product away, do the right thing and re-use it.

Eco Animal Bedding & Critter Chips are ideal for composting as it is critical that all cardboard to be composted is small pieces. Large pieces will not decompose as quickly. Also, soaking the cardboard in water with a bit of liquid detergent will help to speed up the decomposition process.

composting cardboard chips

As Critter Bedding is shredded paper it is ideal and really easy for composting.

Begin your compost pile with a 200mm layer of Critter Chips or Critter Bedding with other high-carbon materials such as straw, old hay or dead leaves.

Add a 200mm layer of nitrogen rich materials on top of the cardboard such as fresh grass clippings, horse or cow manure, spoiled vegetables or fruit peels.

Add a 200mm layer of soil on top of this layer. Continue to layer in this fashion until the pile is approximately 1 cubic metre.

It is imperative that the compost pile be kept about as moist as a sponge. Add more water or cardboard/shredded paper depending on how wet it feels. The cardboard/paper will soak up any excess water.

Turn the compost pile every five days with a pitchfork to speed up decomposition. In six to eight months, the compost will be ready to use in the garden.

In addition to being a great soil conditioner for plants in the garden, you'll find that using cardboard in compost will help keep unwanted trash from piling up.