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Manufactured & Packaged on our Premises
Eco Animal Bedding
Eco Rake

Eco Rake

Eco Animal Bedding has a rake specifically designed to make skipping and mucking out a whole lot easier for our customers.

The ten pronged design allows the corrugated cardboard chips to separate from the muck meaning less clean product waste and easier disposal of manure.

Using our Eco Rake, distribute product evenly over enclosure floor, banking up the sides. By maintaining a clean and fresh bed, Eco Animal Bedding will last longer and the stable will accumulate less dust and dirt.

*colour may vary

Suitable for:

  • larger animal enclosures and commercial applications
  • horse stables
  • lambing pens
  • cow cubicles
  • poultry and turkey rearing industries
  • kennels
  • catteries
  • veterinary practices
  • animal husbandry
  • animal nurseries
  • hobby farms