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Eco Animal Bedding


Equine Centre, University of Melbourne

Eco Animal bedding is the best equine (horse) bedding that I have used. At the Equine Centre, University of Melbourne, we started to use this product to decrease our dust problem for our horses and our employees and students. Eco bedding is highly absorbent, gives excellent orthopaedic support, a non-slip footing and decreases the impact of shavings, sawdust and straw dusts on equine and human respiratory (breathing) systems. We also approve that the product uses 100% recycled cardboard/paper and is biodegradable.

by C.J. (Kate) Savage BVSc(Hons), MS, PhD, Diplomate ACVIM
Specialist in Equine Medicine
Head, Equine Clinical Services
University of Melbourne, Australia

Success for Aquanita Racing

'Some Are Bent' has long suffered from low grade respiratory problems.

Scoping the horse revealed mucous in the airway, requiring a course of antibiotics. A recent episode was more severe and put him off track for a long period prompting my vet Dr. Kim McKellar to recommend that he be kept in an environment as dust free as possible, which is when we put him on Eco Animal Bedding.

In the lead up to the AV Hiskens Steeple we moved him to a box with Eco Animal Bedding and this was part of his being able to win this famous race.

I think this bedding is a great option in a case like this and I have no hesitation in recommending this product to other trainer's.

Robert Smerdon
Trainer, Aquanita Racing

Keyon Dog Kennels

''Eco Animal Bedding provides clean, warm bedding for all our greyhounds. Rest is as important as exercise and our greyhounds rest very well on the bedding. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to provide their greyhounds with suitable cost effective bedding.''

Keyon Kennels

World Cup Show Jumper

We have been using Eco Animal Bedding for our stallion 'Vivant'. We wanted a dust free, easy care bedding and it is perfect! We could not recommend the product more highly.

World Cup Show Jumper

Mick Price Racing Stables

We use Eco Animal Bedding on any horses who show that they need help in regard to their respiratory system. Over the years we have found this product to be the best for minimal dust bedding.

(Mick Price Racing Stables)