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Eco Animal Bedding

Bedding for horses stalls

Eco Animal bedding is described as the ''best equine bedding'', by University of Melbourne's Head of Equine Clinical Services.

Benefits of Dust-Free Horse Bedding

Premium Equine Bedding

20 kg paper horse bedding & 20 kg cardboard premium horse bedding bales.

Unlike any wood-based products, like sawdust pellets, or old-fashioned horse bedding for stables and stalls, such as wood shavings and straw, which break down and turn to dust, Eco Animal Bedding is 100% dust-free and is made from 100% recycled, premium-grade corrugated cardboard that is processed by a full air flow breaker, dust extractor system. There are advantages when using a dust-free horse bedding for stables and stalls, which include:

  • better air quality, increasing comfort & reducing the risk of developing respiratory illness
  • ideal for horses suffering from allergies or respiratory problems, such as COPD
  • providing a more sterile environment for post surgery conditions
  • a cleaner stable, resulting in a cleaner coat, which is ideal for dressage preparation
  • overall, a healthier & cleaner stable for horses & handlers

Eco Animal Bedding is a healthy, clean horse bedding - free from seeds, fungal spores and toxins, reducing the chance of infections and secondary infections after surgery. It is recommended by veterinary practices for horses with respiratory problems (heaves) making it ideal for Asthma and allergy sufferers or horses with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

How to Use Eco Animal Cardboard and Critter Chips

Step 1

Horse Bedding Step 1

Start with a completely clean stable.

Step 2

Horse Bedding Step 2

Shake product out of packaging.

Step 3

Horse Bedding Step 3

Using our ecoRAKE, distribute product evenly over stable floor, banking up the sides.

Step 4

Horse Bedding Step 4

Ensure a dense bed, approximately four to five bales in a 12ft x 12ft concrete based floor.

Step 5

Horse Bedding Step 5

The stable is now ready to be used as there is no need to wait for the bedding to settle.

Other Benefits of Eco Animal Bedding for Horses

Premium Equine Bedding
Upgrade your stables with our premium equine bedding
  • excellent support under the hoof, making for ideal orthopaedic conditions
  • more absorbent than traditional horse bedding (three times as absorbent as wood shavings)
  • virtually odour-free bedding
  • warmer and more comfortable bedding for horses
  • easy-to-use & no water/wetting agent required or waiting for bedding to settle
  • no allergens
  • 100% biodegradable means less waste material
  • 100% recycled, good for the environment
  • a cost-effective horse bedding product

Eco Animal Bedding is easy to store, light to work with and is highly absorbent, holding up to three times its own weight in water. The corrugation provides channels for fluids to flow through to the floor allowing absorption from the bottom up - greatly reducing ammonia levels and creating a virtually odour free stable. Corrugated cardboard bedding doesn't break down with use and is easier to handle when bedding down and mucking out.

Eco Animal Bedding for horses is available in large quantities, ready-to-deliver to stables.

Eco Animal Bedding equine bedding users include: